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Hickory Smoked

Summer outdoor fun – picnics parks, road trips, vacations, water parks, crawfish boils, fishing trips, barbecues, grilling, and smoking meats! Hickory smoked shrimp paté, I haven’t missed a summer barbecue or smoke outing in 30 years of my young life. For all the smoked meat lovers out there, a big shout out to the grill […]


Creamy Lemon

Creamy Lemon was created because of Oceans 97’s owner love for Lemonade & Zesty Cocktails. Creamy Lemon paired with vinegar. Vinegar is the staple of the pantry and is one the most useful ingredients in your kitchen. Why vinegar? It is the Gem that interacts with shrimp protein, water and milk. It also, alters the […]


Shrimp Rillettes

Rillettes is a preservation method similar where meat is seasoned then slow cooked submerged in fat and cooked at a slow pace for several hours. The meat is shredded and packed into sterile containers covered in fat. Now pay attention, Ocean 97 has a similar method but it’s unorthodox using shrimp tailmeat cooked and paired […]


New Orleans BBQ

New Orleans BBQ Paté infused with the similar ingredients as the Original New Orleans BBQ. The authentic recipe was created by a French Chef years ago. Creating a natural spiciness from whole habanero chilis. Worcestershire sauce giving the Paté a peak savoriness while the mayo solidifies the constant spread. A blast of onion helping with […]


Jalapeño Chili

Growing up in South Louisiana, you’re usually addicted to heat! Mexico was destination that I fell in love with early on. Every summer was perfect timing, I can remember always ordering a nice bowl on the side filled with Jalapeño Chili and Lemons. Always admiring the culture, we decided to create a 5th recipe that […]